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Monday, August 13, 2007

New Book Release, August 3, India

New Delhi, Aug 3, IRNA

In an initiative to end sex-trafficking a discussion was held and a book was released on 'Confronting the Demand for Sex-trafficking -- A Handbook for law-enforcement' edited by Ruchira Gupta, Founder Director of Apne Aap (Ourselves) Women Worldwide and Ruchi Sinha, Assistant Professor, Center of Criminology and Justice Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences of India here Wednesday.

The book inauguration and discussion was attended and addressed by: a) Dr Girija Vyas, Chairperson, National Commission for Women; b) Lt. Gen. Satish Nambiar, Director, United Service Institution of India; c) Mr. Gary Lewis, Representative, Regional office of South Asia, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) d) Ms Ruchira Gupta and f) Dr P.M Nair.

The handbook by Ruchira Gupta who is presently working Tehran, reveals that victims of trafficking are put through the criminal justice system whereas the perpetrators go scot free and that more women are arrested than men.

The book calls for more gender sensitive-law enforcement and the criminalization of the perpetrator rather than the victim or survivor.

It calls on the police to fix legal responsibility on all those who buy trafficked people such as buyers of prostituted sex and those 'entrepreneurs' (traffickers, procurers, pimps, brothel owners and managers, owners of plantations and factories and money lenders) who make a profit off trading in women and girls, boys and men.

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