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Monday, August 13, 2007

Caring for the trafficking victims, August 7, UK

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Caring for the trafficking victims

ONCE the victims of sex trafficking have been rescued it's voluntary organisations that help care for them.
One of these is Chaste – (Churches Against Sex Trafficking in Europe) – whose work includes advising the police, helping provide victims with a safe home and offering initial counselling.

Special report: Operation Radium - 'Evil and disgusting' trade in sex slaves
Sickened police officers visited 36 suspected city brothels in a matter of weeks in search of human sex slaves.

During the past three years the organisation has helped 91 victims.

Chairman Dr Carrie Pemberton said: "Some of the things that happen to these women are horrendous.

"Many are raped – some gang raped – to 'break them in' and often they are beaten, some with an inch of there lives.

"You don't have to be handcuffed in a locked room to be a prisoner.

"Some of these women are so terrified what will happen to them and their families that they do not dare leave.

"What happens to some of them is so horrendous that they are treated with less respect than animals."

She said the whole culture of using prostitutes needed changing, adding that some men who use the brothels may be abusing these women, who have been trafficked, without realising it.

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Another organisation that helps is the Poppy Project at

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